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Club Photo - The UK Wing Chun Academy

Wing Chun contains three boxing forms; two weapon forms and a wooden dummy form. These are taught in a progressive and open manner, both in the class and privately.

A method of training unique to the Wing Chun system is chi sau (sticky hands). An accomplished Wing Chun practitioner can develop the ability to make contact with, and control their opponent with their eyes closed. This is high level of skill that can only be achieved through the development of chi sau. Sticky hands typifies the concepts and principals of the system, it is the heart and soul of Wing Chun, and without chi sau it is not Wing Chun.

Wing Chun does not require its practitioners to be large and physically powerful. In utilising the core principals a practitioner can overcome a much larger opponent. This makes Wing Chun suitable for anybody, regardless of age, gender or physique.